Rundl 3.0, 19/12/2016

Email notifications


Leading up to Christmas we wanted to improve on an issue that is one of the main items of feedback. While people love staying in the loop, they wanted less email. While we do have settings to control emails, we still felt we could make some tweaks to quieten things down even when people choose to get emails. We've got big plans for managing notifications better in Rundl, but in the short term we've adjust some of the notifications you'll receive. For example, for a general message that is posted to everyone in a message, unless you've posted a comment you won't get emails when others comment.

Other changes

  • Removed the ability to onboard new users via adding service subscribers. Service subscribers are popular with experienced users, but not ideal for an initial experience.
  • Closed down navigation paths within our responsive shared rundl page (used in Single Sign On scenarios for a simple integration) that took users away from the standalone page.
  • Now serving files from domain. In some cases anti-virus software was rejecting AWS S3 as a source.
  • Other bug fixes
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