Rundl 3.2, 06/04/17

Notifications and settings

In this release we've given you a lot more control over the notifications you receive from Rundl. If you've ever wanted reduce the noise created by notifications from a busy process(es), it's worth exploring the new settings.

Read more about how the notification settings work and how you can apply your settings.

But remember:

  • You can still receive all the notifications you previously received. For most people, getting more control is about limiting emails. 
  • Unless you want to limit the emails you currently receive from Rundl, you don't have to do anything.

Other changes

  • Message and comment templates. Users can select from canned text instead of typing.
  • User onboarding improvements to handle duplicate invitations to same email. Automatic merging of duplicate accounts upon email verification.
  • Filter rundls on work board by due date.
  • Filter requests by status.
  • Filter templates by service.
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