Limiting the visibility of the messages you post

Visibility let's you control the audience for messages you post in rundls. Use visibility to have private discussions with a selection of participants in your rundl. If you don't limit the visibility of your message, note it will still only be visible to just the participants in your rundl. 

Message visibility can be limited to selected participants and roles. With roles, visibility is limited to participants currently assigned those roles, so any participant assigned the roles in future can also get visibility of the message.

To limit the visibility of your message:


  1. Click the All participants can see this button. A popup is shown.
  2. Toggle from All to Limited.
  3. Choose the each roles and/or participant you wish to view your post.
  4. Click Done.
  5. Finish authoring your message. After you click Post the message will be visible to your selected audience.

NOTE: You can edit the message's visibility after you post by clicking the Who can see this? button.

Checking the visibility of a message before commenting

Everyone who can see a message will also see your comments. Before you comment you can check the message visibility to see who you're communicating with.

To check a message's visibility:


  1. Click the Who can see this? button.
  2. The popup shows the participants who can see the message.

NOTE: If the Who can see this? button is preceded by the closed lock icon, message visibility is limited.


Otherwise all participants in the rundl can see the message.

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