Maintaining steps in service models

Steps are a key part of creating the blueprint for delivering your service.

To maintain the steps in your service model:

  1. Go to your the Rundl for work area.
    Click the Work link in the site navigation menu.


    Or click this link

  2. Click on a service card to navigate to the service you wish manage.


  3. Click the service model button in the service menu.


    NOTE: If you can't see this button, you may not be a service "Manager". Only managers of the service can change the service model. Also note that you may need to switch to the manager context first. This can happen if you've got multiple subscriptions to the service and you're currently using another context that is not a manager.

  4. From the Steps tab you can maintain the steps


    Add a step:
    Click the blue add button.

    Update a step:
    Click the step name. The step details sidebar loads. From here you can update all details about the step.

    Remove a step:
    Click the Remove step button at the bottom of the step details sidebar.

    Re-order a step:
    To reorder the steps, use the handle to the left of the step name to drag and drop the step to the required location.

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