Managing roles

Roles simplify the control of access to information in a Rundl. Also, Roles help define what a Participant does in the business process represented by a Rundl. A Participant may optionally be assigned one or more Roles. Assigning a Role to a Participant will grant access to information that was designated for any Participant with that Role.

To add a Role in your service model:


  1. Go to the Rundl for work dashboard.
  2. Click on a service card to navigate to the service you wish to edit.
  3. Click the service_build_mode.png Service model button in the content header.
    NOTE: If you can't see this button, you may not be a service "Manager". Only managers of the service can change the service model. Also note that you may need to switch to the manager context first. This can happen if you've got multiple subscriptions to the service and you're currently using another context that is not a manager.
  4. Under the "Roles" tab you can add Roles and manage them.
  5. Click the plus.jpg Add a role button.
  6. Enter the Name of your new Role. Click on an existing role or create a new one by clicking small_plus.jpg. You can also add a Description.

To manage Roles:


  1. From your Rundl for work dadshbord, click the service_build_mode.png Service model button in the content header.
  2. Click the "Roles" tab.
  3. Select the Role you wish to manage

To add Role Barriers:

Role barriers is a configuration option for hosts that bars certain participants in a rundl from communicating with each other. When a participant posts a message, barriers override who can see the message, based on the participants' roles.

Click add_role_barries.jpg and choose the Role(s) that won't be allowed to communicate with your chosen Role.

To remove a Role:

Click Remove Role.




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