Resending account email verification messages

When you register a new account with Rundl or add an additional email address to your existing account, you'll see a yellow alert at the top of your browser telling you to verify your email address.

Rundl allows you to re-send the account email verification messages. This is helpful if the message doesn't arrive at your email service or otherwise can't find it.

To resend a verification email:

  1. Go to your user menu and select "Manage account".


  2. Scroll down to your email addresses and hover over an email that is currently Unverified. Click the menu icon on the right.


  3. Click Resend verification email to resend the verification email.
  4. Look for the verification email at your email service. Once received, click the button in the email to verify your address.

    NOTE: If your email does not arrive, check your junk mail and other email filters.


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