Rundl 1.8, 30/03/2015

We are please to to announce the release of version 1.8 of Rundl, a platform that is helping property professionals deliver better customer experiences to buyers and sellers of property.

Version 1.8 is an important milestone in the roll out of the Rundl platform to the property industry.  In an industry first, a professional can model a service the provide and then make it available through the platform. Other property professionals in their network can then sign up directly and order the service. Service providers get a work request, and if accepted, they can invite in the other participants to a secure hosted workspace. Everyone involved gets the benefits of Rundl's unique collaborative workflow to communicate, share files and track delivery of the service.
Sign up now to check out our Featured Services, offered by Rundl's foundation customer lawlab. Lawlab is offering its Sale Conveyancing, Purchase Conveyancing, Sale Contracts and Contract Reviews services on the Rundl platform. 
Version 1.8 also includes a range of improvements, including:
  • Professionals can add additional profile information, including their location, phone number and role.
  • New look and feel to the sign in/register new account area and improved new user registration flow.
  • Minimum password length increased to 6 characters.
  • Custom fonts in user interface
  • Change model on request to start a new service.
  • New setting for users to opt out of marketing emails if preferred.
  • Changes to navigation. Rundl Work mode now clearly positioned. Services now presented as an overview outside of work mode.
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