Changing your primary email address

Your primary email address is the address you use to log in to Rundl. 

To change your primary email address you'll first need an add another email address to your account. To add a new email address to your account, read more here.

To change your primary address:


  1. Go to your user menu and select manage_account_icon.jpg"Manage account". 
  2. Scroll down to your email addresses and hover over an email that is not currently your primary. Click menu.jpg  on the right.
  3. Click Make primary to make this email your primary address.

Further steps:

  • Remove your old primary email if you no longer have access to it. For example, if you now work at a different company, you should remove it from your account. This will also ensure notifications go to your new primary email address.
  • If you do have multiple email accounts on your Rundl account, you may need to change your "Email address for notifications" setting to get notification emails sent to your preferred email address. Read more here.
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