How secure Is Rundl?


How secure is Rundl?


The people and organizations using Rundl expect their data to be secure. We understand how important this is and have implemented technology and processes to ensure expectations are met.

Security is a responsibility we share with you and make certain recommendations that can help you with this. Please review the information below regarding our current recommendations and practices:


  • Rundl only operates over HTTPS. Rundl will never request any information from you via unencrypted HTTP.

  • Documents stored in Rundl are encrypted at rest and are protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) in transit.

  • Rundl staff will never ask you for your password via phone, email or otherwise.

  • Rundl recommends that users have a separate password for each website account they set up.

  • Do not use your Rundl password on any other websites, especially the email address associated with your Rundl account.

  • Do not access Rundl from public and shared computers such as libraries or internet cafes.
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