Ordering services

When a service provider has set up their service on Rundl to take order, you can navigate to the service and order that service. The provider will receive a request from you to start the service. If they accept the request they can invite you as a participant so you can get access and collaborate.

If you haven't been given a direct link, you'll first need to find the service on Rundl. See Finding a service for more details.

To order a service:


  1. Find the service you wish to order.
  2. Click  order_this_service.jpg. The order form loads.
  3. Enter the property address.
  4. Choose Your role in this transaction.
  5. Optionally, enter Other participants you want to include in the order. Enter at least a first name and an email address for each participant.
  6. Optionally, upload files you want to include in the order.
  7. Provide a short summery of your order and add additional information or special requirements.
  8. Click submit_order.jpg


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