Customising your group's profile

You can now apply an image to your group's header to give your make keep your company's identity unique on Rundl as long as you are in the .

  1. Sign in to Rundl.
  2. Switch to the context to wish to manage by clicking the avatar in the top left and choosing the group context

  3. Click Manage Membership(the cog icon on the bottom left) in the site navigation to go to your group profile.

  4. You can apply a header image from the header or in the manage sidebar if you are a member of your groups Administrators team.


To apply the an image via the header:

  1. Click the button with the camera icon.
  2. An upload dialog pops up that you can choose an image to upload.
  3. Your image is uploaded and the header image is updated.
  4. You can change your group avatar by clicking on your current avatar in the header and uploading a new image.


To edit the group profile via the sidebar: 

  1. Click the cog icon in the header to open the sidebar
  2.  Click the Profile tab.
  3. From here you can change the groups name, description, website, embedded video, avatar, header image and brand colour.



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