Customising a service profile

You can customise a service profile to give it a unique look and make it stand out from other services.

To customise your service profile:


  1. Go to the "Rundl for work" dashboard by clicking rundl_for_work.jpg in the side bar.
  2. Choose a Service.
  3. Open the menu side-bar by clicking the open_menu.jpg Open Menu button at the top right of the content header.
    NOTE: You must be using the work board as a manager to see this button.
  4. Click the "Profile" tab.
  5. From here you can edit the service's Name, Description, Header image, embed a Youtube video and more.
  6. To preview the service, click go_to_profile_view.jpgat the top of the profile sidebar. 
  7. From here you can also make changes directly by clicking the "Edit profile" button in the header image.




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