Using the Rundl for Work rundls list

Use the Rundl for Work rundls list mode to do advanced filtering of your rundls.

  1. Go to the Rundl for Work dashboard.
  2. Choose a Service.
  3. Choose Rundls list mode by clicking the list icon in the header.
  4. You can select between Active and Closed list of rundls to filter between.
  5. Click the Filter Rundls button (the filter icon above the list).
    The Filter Rundls sidebar opens.
  6. Use the filters to refine your list of Rundls. Note that the different filter options can be used together.


Rundl filters
Text Matches text based on the Rundl name and/or description.
Participant Search to find any person or group to filter your Rundls by participant. Only Rundls having the found person or group as a participant will be shown.
Status Filter by Rundl status.
Step status Filter by step status.


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