Configuring your service settings

When you publish a service it appears on your group's profile page and in search. It's a good way to promote your service to people outside your group. You can also allow people to order the service from you directly on Rundl.

NOTE: It's important to understand the difference between "ordering" a rundl and "starting" a rundl. Starting a rundl is the way hosts initiate a transaction themselves. Ordering a service is the way third parties request a service provider to deliver their service. Orders appear as requests to start a Rundl, and hosts can review the order and choose to accept or decline.

To configure your service for taking orders:


  1. Go to the "Rundl for work" dashboard by clicking rundl_for_work.jpg in the side bar.
  2. Choose a Service.
  3. Open the menu side-bar by clicking the open_menu.jpgOpen menu button.
  4. Select "Settings" from the menu.
  5. Update the settings to take orders.

    Who can view this service?
    "Subscribers only": by default any subscriber can view the service
    "Anybody on or off Rundl": choose this to allow anyone on Rundl to view your service

    Who can order this service?
    "Subscribers only": choose this to allow subscribers to order the service.
    "Anybody on or off Rundl": choose this to allow anyone on Rundl (including subscribers) to order your service
    "Nobody": choose this if you do not wish to take orders. (Subscribers with Start permission will be able to start services directly.)
  6. Update the Order service instructions text. The instructions are shown in the order form and allow you to present specific information about your service and the order process to people ordering via Rundl.




Once you configure your service for taking orders, people will be able to order. You can read more about how people order services.

Orders are received as a Request. Administrators under your account will receive an email about the request, and will be able to view the Request on their dashboard.

To manage orders submitted via Rundl:


  1. Go to your requests (click the "plus" icon in the side bar).
  2. Click the new request.
  3. View the details and update if required.
  4. If you wish to proceed, click Accept. A new Rundl will start.
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