Configuring your service settings

A service manager can apply settings that control service access and related message templates.

About service access

Who can view this service?

When a user can view your service it's shown to them on your group's profile page and in search. It's allows you to promote your service to people outside your group. 

Who can order this service?

You can allow people to order the service from you directly on Rundl. Read more about how users order services. 

Account administrators for a service provider will see orders as requests to start a rundl. Read more about how administrators process orders.

NOTE: It's important to understand the difference between "starting" a rundl and "ordering" a service. Starting a rundl is the way hosts create a new rundl transaction immediately. Ordering a service is the way third parties request a service provider to deliver them their service. A rundl is only started after the administrator approves the request.

About message templates

Order service instructions

When a user orders your service, this setting provides instructions specific to your service. For example, you explain what information you need and what happens next after they order.

Add participant message

When a host adds a participant in a rundl for this service, this setting provides a custom message that will be included in the email they receive.

Start rundl description

When a subscriber starts a rundl, this setting provides a custom description for the rundl. For example, you can request specific information by asking a series of questions.

To configure service access


  1. Choose a Service.
  2. Click settings_2.jpgSettings tab in the service menu.
  3. Update the settings to take orders.

    Who can view this service?
    "Subscribers only": by default any subscriber can view the service
    "Anybody on or off Rundl": choose this to allow anyone on Rundl to view your service

    Who can order this service?
    "Subscribers only": choose this to allow subscribers to order the service.
    "Anybody on or off Rundl": choose this to allow anyone on Rundl (including subscribers) to order your service
    "Nobody": choose this if you do not wish to take orders. (Subscribers with Start permission will be able to start services directly.)


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