Rundl 2.1, 12/02/16

Over the Christmas and New Year break the Rundl team has been busy putting together our next release, 2.1, the first for 2016.

In this release we've made some really cool enhancements. By popular demand, the number one and most exciting development: email to Rundl activity integration. We've also integrated YouTube videos and control of text formatting via a simple markup syntax.

First, the important one: email integration

Participant in a Rundl can now send an email to Rundl to post a message direct to Rundl activity. Attachments will be added as files to the activity item. For security, each participant has unique address for each Rundl, and they must email from the account they used to register on Rundl.

Further, simply replying to any message notification from Rundl will also post a comment in reply to the message straight from email. (Note Rundl doesn't support attachments on comments, so if you want to send a file, you need to post a new message instead.)

This new feature will really come in handy for people who work predominantly out of their email client and find it easier to message/comment via email instead of logging into Rundl in their browser.

The video generation

Video content is the future of marketing, so Rundl now supports video displaying on your group and service profiles. And to really make a customer's journey simpler and more pleasant we also support having a video guide for every step in the process.

To deliver video we've integrated with YouTube. Connecting a YouTube video to Rundl is easy - all you need to do is paste in the YouTube video ID (to make it easy you can also paste in the URL of the YouTube video and Rundl extracts the ID for you).


Plain text is a little boring, so we've upgraded Rundl text to support a simple markup syntax. You can now make the text you write on Rundl a little bit nicer with formatting, and more functional with internal and external links.

We've included a snippet of help below every textbox where you can use our markup, so help is conveniently located. Once you've given it a go you'll see how easy it is.

For formatting we support the following syntax:

bold: **bold** 

italic: _italics_

  1. numbered
  2. lists:

1. numbered
2. lists

  • bullet
  • points:

- bullet
- points


For links, just a simple text URL like will now be converted into a live link, like

In additional we've developed some advanced cases:

1. [external link](

You can control the text that's clickable via the external link text.

2. Internal links. You can link to some pages within Rundl using the following syntax:

[rundl link](!rundlId)

[user link](@userId)

[group link]($groupId)

[service link](%serviceId)


And as usual, beyond our key themes for each version release, we've added heaps of incremental changes, bug fixes, UI enhancements and performance improvements. Here are just a few:

  • When a Rundl is complete you can't post content or make updates. For example this will save you time writing message and finding out you can't post only after you click save.
  • Uploading files directly to Rundl can now have visibility configured to restrict who can see the file.
  • Hover over a face in the activity feed to get full profile details.
  • Hosts can now resend invitation emails to participants that haven't followed up immediately with a click of a button. We noticed you were adding and removing participants to do this, so thought we'd help make it easier.
  • Rundl participant and Service subscriber self management view streamlined for easy access and full control. Manage your participation/subscription!
  • Some really important enhancements to group and team on-boarding. If you have a number of group invitations (such as for a few teams and the group itself) queued up when you first get added to Rundl, accepting any one of those will accept them all. 99.9% of the time that's what you want so we've made it easy.
  • Infinite scrolling on our Word Boards. Some hosts have over a 100 steps, and it was taking time for all the Rundls for all these too load. Now we just load what you can see on your screen at the time. Scroll right and we'll load just in time.
  • We wanted to add a bit more colour to Rundl. So now if you don't upload an avatar/profile photo (and please do) we'll create a default avatar with your first initial and a colour. We're happy to say goodbye to the boring grey person we had before.
  • It's now possible to turn off Gravatar integration if you don't want to use it on Rundl.
  • Tooltips - giving more clarity about buttons and links in Rundl.
  • Start Rundls from you Work dashboard. One less click!


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