Onboarding group members company-wide

This article outlines a suggested process for a group administrator to manually onboard everyone in their organisation in advance, in preparation for rolling out Rundl. It's designed for minimal involvement of the new members themselves until handover session.

In this process, a group administrator completes the following main tasks:

  • Invites each employee to join the group
  • Accepts the invitation on behalf of the the employee and sets up their account and profile.
  • Hands over the account to the member

Tip: How to register many Rundl accounts with one email account

An account on Rundl needs a unique email address, so as an administrator prepping the accounts for your organisation, you'll need an address per person.

A feature of email systems can help. Many email servers will accept a plus sign after the unique part of the address as an alias.

e.g. username@company.com and username+1@company.com are unique addresses for the same email account.

To do this at scale we recommend using a pattern that lets you easily log back in to each account:

  • username+[userfirstname][userlastname]@company.com

e.g.  If your email is asmith@gmail.com, and you are setting an account for Jo Bloggs, invite asmith+jbloggs@gmail.com

NOTE: Not all email systems support sub-addressing as a feature.

Invite each employee to join the group

  1. Sign in to your account on Rundl.
  2. Switch account to the group you need to set up.
  3. Invite a unique dummy email address for each employee you need to onboard.

    NOTE: See the tip above about a repeatable email address pattern using your own single email account to have as many email addresses as you need.
  4. You should receive one email for each employee.


Accept the invitation join the group

To onboard an employee at the organisation:

  1. Sign out of your account on Rundl.
  2. Go to your email.
  3. Click the link to accept the invitation to join the group. You'll be directed to the sign up page.
  4. Sign up to create a new account for the organisation employee. Choose a secure standard password for this batch of accounts.
  5. Set up the employee's account and profile. Includes firstname, surname, phone number, location, professional role, profile picture and any other standard settings.
  6. Go to Your requests.
  7. Accept the invitation to join the group.
  8. Sign out. 

Repeat these steps for each member.

Hand over the account

This step involves sitting down with the new member at the appropriate time (such as a training session) on their device.

  1. Ask the group member to sign in (you'll have a standard email pattern and standard password).
  2. Navigate to the account management page (Click Manage Account under user menu at the top right).
  3. Add the employee's real company email address as an additional email address. They should receive an email from Rundl with a link to verify the address.
  4. Ask them to click the link to verify the additional email address.
  5. Again on the account management page, make the new additional (real) email the primary account email address.
  6. Remove the original dummy email address.
  7. Ask the member to change their password to something secret to them.


They are now set up with an account and signed in. They are a member of their company's Rundl group. At this stage you might like to explain more about Rundl or extend the onboarding session to cover off some more training. 


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