A tour of Rundl support

Welcome to Rundl support! Our support centre is a helpful resource to show you how you can make the most of Rundl. Depending on your goals, you're going to do different things in Rundl. Each section in our support centre has been prepared to meet the needs of people using Rundl for different purposes.


Getting started

This section contains practical articles that will help beginners get into Rundl quickly and start collaborating without worrying about all the features Rundl offers. It's ideal for people who want to learn just enough to get onboard fast and start their Rundl journey. 

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Participant guides

This section contains articles for anyone who will collaborate with others on a business transaction in a shared digital space we call "rundl". "Rundls" represents the basic building block of the Rundl business network.

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Host guides

This section brings together articles for our hosts. Hosts are people responsible for driving the collaboration in a "rundl".

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Administrator guides

This section houses articles that are directed at service managers and group administrators. The articles assist people in getting their team or organization set up on Rundl to participate in or host "rundls".

In a small office, someone should take responsibility for becoming an expert in setting up Rundl and making the most of the available settings and options.  

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Help Topics

Here you'll find articles that explain some of the basic concepts of Rundl as well as targeted information around individual features.

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Rundl releases

This section contains the release notes for each version of the Rundl platform, listing fixes, new features and enhancements.

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Here we have collected a set of common questions and provided answers to assist our users.

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