A tour of Rundl support

Welcome to Rundl support! Our support centre is a resource to help you learn, solve problems and get the most out of using Rundl. Depending on your role, you'll need to do different things in Rundl. Each section in our support centre has been prepared to clearly address your needs.

Getting started

This section contains practical articles that guide new Rundl users to get their account set up and start collaborating without worrying about all the features Rundl offers. It's ideal for people who want to learn just enough to get onboard fast and start their Rundl journey. 

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Participant guides

This section contains articles to help participants collaborate in a "rundl". If your service provider invited you to join Rundl and collaborate securely on your transaction, you can learn all you need to know about the tools and features you'll experience.

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Host guides

This section brings together articles for our hosts. Hosts are service providers that use Rundl to deliver their service. Hosts are responsible for managing the collaboration in each "rundl".

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Administrator guides

This section includes articles for group administrators. Administrators are responsible for getting their team or organisation set up on Rundl to participate in rundls, or to configure their own services ready for hosting "rundls".

If you're a business getting started on Rundl, pick at least one person in your team to become an advanced Rundl user and learn about all the features, settings and options.  

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Help Topics

Here you'll find articles that explain some of the basic concepts of Rundl as well as specific information about individual tasks and features.

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Rundl releases

This section contains the release notes for each version of the Rundl platform, listing fixes, new features and enhancements.

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Here we have collated answers to frequently asked to help you solve problems fast.

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