Rundl 2.3, 06/05/2016

Hot on the tails of 2.2, our latest release, 2.3, includes some really nice new features. There was no major theme to this release, so here's the list:

  • Referrer branding for sign ups. Hosts can now have their brand displayed on the sign up page. New users will see this when they click the link in a Rundl invitation email, or any link to the sign up page that has a referrer id:

  • Information only steps. Rundl steps can now be used for information purposes only. These steps will not have any associated workflow (due dates can still be set). In Rundl apps these steps will be flagged with a blue info icon in the steps list.

  • Hosts can add basic profile info for new people they invite in to participate in rundls.

  • Upgrade to rundl steps user interface: We've updated the look and feel of steps. We've linked the steps together to better indicate the flow. Steps are now loaded in our sidebar for further actions like status updates.

  • Step content images: We now support content images for steps, in addition to the YouTube video content that we introduced in Rundl 2.1. In Rundl apps, we will only display content images in activity for step state changes when there is no YouTube video. Video is a richer source of information so we have preferenced this type of content.

  • Auto-scroll to first active step: Some rundls have over 100 steps. In our web app we now scroll to the first active step in the list. This is putting the users in the right zone for seeing what is happening right now in their rundl.
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