Rundl 2.2, 29/04/2016

With this release we've made it fast and easy for anyone to sign up on Rundl and start delivering services without needing anything from our support and sales teams. 

Platform services

Rundl 2.2 represents a major step towards making Rundl an engine for process collaboration at scale.

We've implemented a two-tiered model for supporting hosts:

  • Standard hosts
  • Enterprise hosts

To support hosts with self-service onboarding, from sign up and account creation right through to hosting rundls, we've built the final piece in the journey: a service store. Right now we can offer platform services on a free trial basis, but soon we'll be rolling out our billing system to complete the initial version of the store.

Standard hosts can choose from standard service templates that we publish in our service store. Enterprise hosts can also access the templates, or continue creating custom processes tailored to their individual needs.


With the shift to automated onboarding and our service store, we've surfaced more details about accounts. Each group has subscription to a specific plan, and account owners can upgrade from free to standard in our web app.

Other changes

  • Changes to our legals. New Community Rules, Privacy Policy, Participant Terms and Host Terms.
  • Self-manage own group membership. Members can now leave groups they've previously accepted to join.


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