Creating a service

Services are the blueprints for transactions delivered on Rundl. Each service provides helpful information that explains what the serivce is about and aids discovery. It also presents a detailed interface to the operation of the service, including process steps, participant roles and access permissions and other settings. A service is owned by a group account holder and is managed by trusted members with administrative privileges. Publishing a service allows an account holder to take orders for that service directly on Rundl.

You can create platform services once you are on a standard plan.


To create a custom service:


  1. Open the group admin area by clicking theadmin_wheel.jpgAdmin button.
  2. Select the Services tile.
  3. Click the _.jpgbutton on the top right.
  4. Click the "Build your service" block.
  5. Enter a service Name and Description.
  6. Choose a Manager for the service.
  7. Choose a Category for your service.
  8. Click add_service.jpg.



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