Hosting your first rundl

It's really quick for anyone to sign up and start hosting their first rundl. This guide explains the process.

To make things simple Rundl publishes "Platform Service" (pre-built templates for different industries/processes). If you don't see a platform service that's right for you, contact to enquire. You can also become an Enterprise host and build your own service templates that match your needs.

Before you get started, it's best if you prepare the following information:

  • Your profile picture. Make sure it's square
  • A description of your organisation (take this from your website)
  • Your organisation's social icon. Grab it from your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (optional)
  • Your organisation's header image. Reuse your Twitter header image. It's the same size as Rundl takes (optional)
  • Your ABN
  • The name and description of your service

Now watch the following video. It takes you through these steps:

  1. Create your personal account
  2. Create a group account for your organisation
  3. Upgrade your account to our standard plan to become a host
  4. Add your first service by choosing from our platform services
  5. Start a rundl
  6. Invite a participant


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