Relating services for referrals

Rundl's "Related Services" feature allows services providers to offer relevant services to participants from within their rundls. Related services can include both the host's own services and the services of referral partners.

When participants order a related service from within a rundl it gets delivered in parallel as a related rundl.

To set up a related service, the respective service managers for each service need to carry out a few simple steps.

Service providers (groups that will deliver the related services)

To receive referrals from other groups on Rundl, service providers need to perform these steps: 


  1. Invite your referral partner's group to subscribe to your service.

    NOTE: By doing this you are approving another group to refer participants from within their rundls to your service. Rundl uses service subscriptions as the underlying trust mechanism for service providers to control who they're dealing with for referrals. If you are relating services from your own account, this step is not required.
  2. Tag your services with appropriate service categories. 

    NOTE: Rundl uses tags to enable referrers to offer related services for ordering from within steps for a more intuitive user experience. Hosts can trigger marketing emails to participants by activating a step. The email contains a link to view the step in Rundl where the service can be ordered.
  3. Configure your service settings.

To expose your service for orders, you need to configure the service setting:

Who can order this service? to "Anybody on Rundl"


In order to relate a service, the service provider first needs to complete their setup steps as shown above.

Next referrers need to do the following:

  1. First go to your requests in Rundl.
  2. Accept the requests from your partners to subscribe to the services you wish to refer.
  3. Now go to your service. (You need to be a Manager.)
  4. Open the sidebar menu.
  5. Click the Related services tab.
  6. Click the + button.
  7. Click to choose a related service.
  8. Click the "Add related service button" 
    You've now added a related service. When you start rundls for your service, the related services will be available to select in the rundl.
  9. Tag your steps with an appropriate service category. The tag needs to match the tags applied by the service provider.


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