Opting out of a rundl

If you get invited to participate in a rundl and decide later that you no longer wish to take part, you can easily opt out by removing yourself.

NOTE: If you are participating as a team, all members of your team will also lose access to the rundl. If another team in your group should be participating, you can change your participation to that team. Or if you've been added to a team that you don't belong in, ask your group administrator to remove you from the team.

To opt out of a rundl:

  1. Go to your rundl.
  2. Click the "Manage your participation" button at the top right in the rundl header.
  3. Click the Manage your access button in the pop-out.
  4. Click the bin icon in the Manage your participation sidebar.
  5. Finally click the Remove button to confirm. 


Your access to this rundl is removed.

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