Starting a rundl

A rundl is a shared digital space that brings together people and information around a business transaction. A rundl can be started for any type of business transaction, such as cases, jobs, deals, or applications.

To start a rundl:

  1. Once you've logged in to rundl, click the Start a rundl button in the application header.
  2. Choose one of your contexts from the drop down. The services available to start will load.
  3. Click the service you wish to start.
  4. Enter the name, description and choose a host.
  5. Click start. A new rundl will be started.
  6. You can choose to navigate to the new rundl, or to start another rundl.


NOTE: If you click Start a rundl while you're already on the work board for your service, we go straight to the start form for the same service.

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