Rundl 2.5, 19/07/2016

Related services and referrals

With this release we have completed the initial version of our related services and order referrals solution. This includes the end-to-end process for creating your referral network, connecting related services, configuring related services for ordering from within steps, curating services for participants in rundls, and participants viewing/tracking orders in rundls.

Other incremental updates

As usual we've responded to feedback with a number of changes. Here are the highlights:

  • Start rundl button moved to the global app header. Hosts gave feedback that they wanted to start rundls from anywhere in the app.
  • Sorting of rundl files. Can click a header to sort ascending and descending.
  • When authoring messages and comments, and clicking on other tabs in a rundl, the draft message/comment is stored locally. Note this will be cleared when navigating away from the rundl page.
  • Loading more rundls initially, and infinite scrolling in rundl lists. 
  • Participants can select multiple files at once when clicking to upload files in a rundl.
  • New users can now click a button in the app alert block to resend their email verification link. Previously the alert block had a link that simply directed them to their accounts management page, where they still needed to find the link to resend the verification email.
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