Rundl 2.8, 17/10/2016

Authentication with JWT


Rundl now allows third party applications to authenticate users directly with Rundl using a JSON Web Token (JWT) signed with an RSA key. This authentication method is intended for server to server applications.

Using the JWT flow has a number of benefits:

  • Removes the friction of your application's users logging in to Rundl in addition to your application.
  • Reduces the number of steps in the authentication flow. Users are not directed to Rundl to authorise your application to access their data on Rundl

Use the JWT flow in the following cases:

  • Automatically onboard your application's users as managed Rundl user accounts.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) your application's users to a Rundl shared web page.

Responsive shared page

For a fast and simple presentation layer integration, Rundl's responsive shared pages in combination with a server side authentication flow provides hosted pages for embedding Rundl capabilities into your application.

The pages are hosted on Rundl's secure infrastructure and are designed to be embedded in an iframe in your application. They are intended for use in isolation, with your application providing the required navigation paths that make sense in your UI. Therefore Rundl navigation menus and links to other resources outside the page you're using have been removed or disabled. 

Rundl files improvements

  • Attach message from rundl files when posting a new message. Previously files had to be uploading while posting. Now existing files can be selected.
  • Can also choose an existing file to attach when ordering a related service from a rundl.
  • Filename uniqueness constraint for a file not attached to a message has been dropped. Where multiple files with same name uploaded date created is used to differentiate, or if it was previously shared, the related messages. 
  • The same file can now be attached to multiple messages.
  • Deleted files visible in files list - i.e. rubbish bin - restore is still todo.
  • Search files in a rundl by filename.
  • Support for thumbnail creation for jpeg files.

Other changes

  • Links embedded in step descriptions can include the rundl's id as a parameter. Use to link to a third party form or page with a unique parameter for the current transaction.
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