Rundl 3.3, 07/07/17

DocuSign electronic signatures

In this release we've added our first add-on, supporting a Rundl-integrated electronic signatures workflow using DocuSign. Electronic signatures is an ideal extension to Rundl as it is a multi-party workflow, and Rundl delivers true multi-party collaboration on business transactions across team and company boundaries.

The Electronic signatures add on allows hosts to seamlessly select rundl files for signing and send them to rundl participants as recipients, leveraging the existing setup in the rundl collaboration space and avoiding duplication of these tasks for the signing workflow.

Other changes

  • User time-zone setting to show local time from server side generated notifications. Previously we only showed local time in our apps but not in notification emails. Time-zone is detected automatically during sign up.
  • User and group account country settings. Country is detected automatically during sign up and will allow us to support e-commerce transactions in future releaes and other country specific functionality.
  • Services names are now unique within an account.
  • Performance improvements in the activity feed.
  • Other performance improvements and bug fixes.
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