Managing add-ons

Add-ons help service providers meet their unique business needs by enabling additional features in their rundls.

To enable an add-on:


  1. Navigate to Rundl for work by clicking rundl_for_work.jpg in the side bar..
  2. Choose a service.
  3. Open the menu side-bar by clicking the open_menu.jpg Open Menu button at the top right of the content header..
  4. Click the "Add-ons" tab.
  5. Click thesmall_plus.jpgicon to see a list of available add-ons.
  6. Choose and click an add-on in the list to enable it.

The add-on will be enabled in all your active rundls for the service you enabled it under. Also, if you re-open closed rundls, the add-on will become active on the re-opened rundls too.

To configure an add-on


  1. Go to your enabled add-ons.
  2. Click an add-on to show the add-on configuration options.

NOTE: Different add-ons may have different configuration options.


Use testing mode to trial the add-on. Go live when you're ready to use in live transactions - any charges will apply.

Who can use this add-on?

Choose the roles that will be able to initiate usage of the add-on in rundls.

Depending on add-on, charges may apply to the host's account, even if the add-on is used by another participant, or charges will apply to the participant that uses the add-on.

Note that this setting won't apply in rundls that do not have the chosen role. However, if you add a chosen role to an active rundl later, the setting will apply.

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