Managing subscribers

Service manages can invite people and groups to subscribe to their services. Subscribers can be assigned the right to start and host rundls. Subscribers get access to the Rundl for work board to track their rundls and can create related services for referrals.

To add and manage subscribers:


  1. Go to the "Rundl for work" dashboard by clicking rundl_for_work.jpg in the side bar.
  2. Choose a Service.
  3. Open the menu side-bar by clicking the open_menu.jpg Open Menu button at the top right of the content header.
  4. Click the "Subscribers" tab.
  5. Click the small_plus.jpgicon and search for the person or group you wish to subscribe.
  6. Click add_subscriber.jpg. Note that any new subscribers' status will show  "Pending" until they accept your request.
  7. To update a subscriber's access, click the tick.jpg icon. From here you can assign the permission to start and/or host rundls.



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