Managing files

To change the audience of a file:



  1. On your rundl dashboard click the Files window.
  2. Click the bar of the file you wish to manage. The "File" sidebar opens.
  3. Click the change_visibility.jpgChange Visibiliy button limit the visibility of your file to certain participants or groups.


To change a file to a draft:


  1. When you upload a file it is automatically published. Under the "FILES" tab, files are sorted into "Published" and "Drafts".
  2. Click a file in the "Published" folder. The "Manage file" sidebar opens. 
  3. Untick the small box next to Publish to change your file to a draft.
  4. Your file is now saved in the "Draft" Folder and invisible to other participants.


To download a file:


  1. Click on the name of a file in the list to download it.
  2. Or click the DOWNLOAD.jpg Download file button in the "Manage file" sidebar.



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