Rundl 3.6, 25/7/18

Billing and payments

Extending the core components of the Rundl marketplace, in this release we've built features to support buyers and sellers engaging in e-commerce transactions on the Rundl platform.

Rundl now records billable transactions in the new Payments section under each account. A billable transaction may include starting a rundl, or using a rundl add-on. In future releases we will build the Rundl Pay solution on the payments platform to facilitate payments between members on Rundl.

Other changes

Event subscriptions

Account holders can now subscribe to events generated from Rundl and get them delivered to a target Amazon AWS SNS topic that they control. Events are triggered for key actions occurring in Rundl, with the set of actions to be expanded upon incrementally in future releases.


  • Recognise Open Office formats (odp, odt, ods) in rundl file icons.
  • Subscriptions and plans review. Free trial plan migrated to standard plan, with optional free trail status.

Bug fixes

Fixed issued with re-inviting email address after original invitation was not actioned after 1 year.


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