Rundl 3.5, 19/01/18

Main features

In this version we've added a range of incremental updates to existing features, as well as some initial components of the Rundl marketplace.

  • Add-on permissions, to control which roles in rundls can initiate an instance of add-on. For example, previously only host could send documents to DocuSign for signing. Now this is configurable to allow more complex workflows.
  • Under the covers, add-ons and rundls are now being managed as products in the Rundl marketplace. 
  • Version 2 of the DocuSign Electronic Signatures add-on.


Other changes

  • Fix an issue where local time in a browser is incorrect by > 5 mins, leading to an error uploading files. Automatically determine time offset and correct before upload.
  • Request confirmation before removing messages and comments, to avoid data loss from accidental clicks.
  • Enable viewing message audience when comment dialogue active. Comment author can check audience without needing to cancel adding comment.
  • Expand message automatically when viewing message standalone outside activity.
  • Order API review. Reinstate order fields. Align sender and participant_lead objects.


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