Posting messages in a rundl

The activity tab is where you can see messages and status updates in your rundl, displayed by date. Posting messages to activity is the way to start new discussions with the other participants in your rundls. This article explains how you can post messages, including how to share files/documents and how to control who can see what you post.

NOTE: Not sure how to find your rundl? Read more about navigating to a rundl.

To post a new message:


  1. From the rundl Activity tab, click the blue pencil icon button at the bottom right of your screen OR click in the text field at the top of the feed. The post box expands.
  2. Type your message.
  3. Click Post

When posting a message you can also:

To upload a file:


  1. Click Upload files
  2. Browse files on your computer.
  3. Find a file and select it.
  4. Wait until the upload completes.
    NOTE: You can see the upload progress shown on the tile.
  5. Your file(s) is now attached and ready to post.

To attach a file from rundl files:


  1. Select Choose files to open up a list of the files in that rundl.
  2. Select the files you want to attach to the post. You can also search the list of files.
  3. Once you have made you selection click Attach files.
  4. Your file(s) is now attached and ready to post.

To attach a link:


  1. Click Add link to open the attach link popout
  2. Form here you can enter a link to add to the post
  3. Enter the URL for your link and click Add.
  4. Your link is now attached and ready to post.


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