Who can see my rundl?


Who can see my Rundl?


Every Rundl has a unique set of privacy settings depending on your association with it. For example:

Hannah is not a member of a Rundl concerning the sale of a property. As such, she cannot see the Rundl. John however has been invited by the vendor of the sale to join the Rundl as a Participant, upon accepting this invitation John can now see all of the details of that Rundl as have been shared with him.

The specific details of a Rundl are also visible contingent on unique privacy settings. For Example:

John is participating in the Property Sale Rundl. He would like to post a message to the activity feed and have it be visible only to his Purchasing Agent. John can post this message and specify which other participant* has the liberty of viewing that post. This same function is extended to files uploaded to a Rundl.

*Any participant may be limited from viewing a post, but not every role may be excluded. The Host of the service cannot be restricted from viewing a post on a service that they host.


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