Who can see my rundl?


Who can see my rundl?


Every rundl has a unique set of privacy settings depending on your association with it. For example:

Hannah is not a participant in a rundl concerning the sale of a property, 123 Baker St Caulfield. As such, she cannot see the rundl. John however has been invited by his real estate agent, the host of the rundl for the sale of 123 Baker St Caulfield, to join Rundl and participant. Upon accepting this invitation John will now see details for the sale of 123 Baker St Caulfield.

Access to some information within a rundl may still be limited, even if you are a participant. For example:

John is participating in the the sale of a 123 Baker St Caulfield. He posts a message to the activity feed and makes it visible only to the Real Estate Agent. Other participants won't see his post.


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