Completing a rundl

Once you start a rundl it remains in your Active rundls list until you cpmplete it. Completed rundls are still accessible to participants, but no further updates can be made. If you do need to make further updates you can re-start the rundl.


 To close a rundl:


  1. Navigate to your rundl. (Read more about navigating to rundls.)
  2. Click the Update button in the "status" section.
  3. Click Complete.
  4. The rundl is now completed.

A banner is shown at the top of the screen to clearly show the completed status.

In the status selction the GREEN_TICK.jpg icon shows the completed status.
The message/comments fields are disabled.

The rundl will now appear under the "Completed" tab on your services dashboard.


To restart a rundl:


  1. From the "Your sevices" dash board, click the "CLOSED" tab and select your rundl.
  2. Click the Update button in the status section..
  3. Click Restart


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