Using the DocuSign Electronic Signatures add-on

This article explains how to use the DocuSign Electronic Signatures add-on as a host or sender.

Sending documents for signing

  1. Click Choose documents and choose the documents to sign.
  2. Enter a subject and message to send to recipients.
  3. Choose recipients from participants, or enter any email address.
  4. Click Send documents.

Rundl sends the documents to DocuSign to start the process. DocuSign will email each signer according to the routing order. After all recipients have signed, a message is posted back to rundl activity with a copy of the signed documents.

Advanced topics

The topics below outline the advanced use cases supported by the add-on.

Recipient number

When choosing recipients an index number is created. The number matches auto-place tag markers (e.g. rdl.signhere.1) to this recipient. The number is incremented for each recipient. (You can control the index by adding recipients in the required order).


The recipient number can be used to automatically position sign here, signer name, and date signed tags at designated locations in your documents. Ask your administrator about this topic.

Routing order

Use routing orders to control when recipients are able to sign. All recipients in a routing order must sign before recipients in any subsequent routing order can sign. (Recipients in the same routing order get notified at the same time and can sign in any order.)


Rundl will bill your account for each envelope that is sent. Contact for more information.


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