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Rundl has partnered with DocuSign to deliver document signing. DocuSign enables people around the world to electronically sign documents, approvals, and agreements - on any device, in any time zone. Rundl's DocuSign Electronic Signatures add-on integrates DocuSign's signing process with the Rundl collaboration process. Your documents, senders and receiver are already on rundl; now get DocuSign notifications flowing through rundl activity, allowing a seamless experience for all parties.

This section outlines the main features of the DocuSign Electronic Signatures add-on. If you have previous experience with DocuSign, note that not all DocuSign features are available in the Rundl add-on.


The DocuSign signing process is presented to users as an "Envelope". The term envelope refers to the documents to be signed, and all the other information related to the process, like the senders, receivers and routing order.


When creating an envelope, the first thing to do is choose the documents you need signed.

You can choose multiple files. Where multiple files selected, drag and drop them to re-order the files. The order will be maintained in the DocuSign envelope.

Any file in your rundl, where the file type and file size is supported by DocuSign, can be attached to the envelope. Read more about allowed files here.

Subject and message

The subject and message is included in notifications to recipients, and lets you find your created envelopes in the rundl sidebar.


In DocuSign, a sender is always an individual person/user.  The sender is the person that manages the envelope and recipients receive the envelope from this person.

The sender must be the host of the rundl.

When creating an envelope within a team context, a change sender button is shown. You can make any of your fellow team members the sender. Note that a sender can't be changed after an envelope is created. 


Recipients are the people who are involved in the signing process. The add-on supports two types of recipients:

  • Signers
  • Carbon copy (CC) recipients

Signers will receive a link to sign the envelope during the process. Cc recipients get a link to view the documents, but can't sign. Both signers and cc recipients will be notified when the documents are signed and the process is complete.

You can optionally enter a custom message for each recipient. If you don't enter a custom message, the notification to the recipient will just include the message you set on the envelope for all recipients.

You can also optionally enter a private note. This note will be visible only to the particular recipient you enter it on.

Routing order

The add-on supports specifying routing orders for more complex signing scenarios. When choosing recipients, you can assign them a routing order. Recipients will be notified at different times about signing according to the routing order.


If your documents are generated in a CRM or other business application, you may be able to modify your document templates to automatically position sign here, signer name, and date signed tags for each recipient on your document.

Enter any email

In some cases, you may need to include a recipient who is not participating in your rundl. In this case, you can enter any email address. A notification will be emailed to the recipient directly from DocuSign as they aren't involved in the rundl.

The add-on does not block you from sending to email addresses that are also linked to verified Rundl users.

Draft envelopes

Create draft envelopes to set up all the details before sending. Drafts can support your internal review process, as well as more complex collaboration scenarios around requesting document signing.

To maintain security and integrity of the signing request, a user can only create a draft envelope when they've chosen a sender from another team. Only the chosen sender from the third party team can actually send the envelope.

Updating envelopes

The add-on provides options to update draft envelopes. A link is presented that will open the envelope in the DocuSign sender view, where you can do things like position tags for sign here tabs.

Voiding envelopes

Draft and sent envelopes can be voided. Voiding stops the signing process. Use this option when circumstance change after an envelope was sent, so the contents are no longer valid.

Signing documents

When a recipient is ready to sign (immediately after you send, or according to any routing order you set up) the add-on will post a message to the recipient in their Rundl activity. The recipient may also get a Rundl notification email, according to any notification settings. 

The message will include a link to the envelope signing view in DocuSign, which the recipient can simply click to open and sign the document. 

Status updates

The add-on will update the envelope status on Rundl. The host/sender can see the detailed status of the envelope as the signing process unfolds, such as a recipient signing the document.

Senders/hosts see status updates in their view of the envelope. Senders/hosts and all recipients will also be notified at the end of the signing process, via a message in activity that contains the completed signed document.


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