About communicating in rundls

If you've just been invited to participate in a rundl, welcome!

One of the main things you can do in a rundl is communicate with other participants. You do this by posting messages and comments. All your posts will be organised in the right context (e.g. the job/case/deal/matter or whatever process you were invited to participate in) and you can easily keep just the right people informed from one convenient location.

There are a few things to note about posting:

  1. By default, all participants in your rundl will have visibility to your posts.
  2. You can change the visibility when you post to limit who can read your message or download attached files.
  3. You can limit visibility of your posts by choosing certain participants or roles.
  4. Choosing a role is a short-cut to choosing all the individual participants with that role. Every participant assigned a role you select will get visibility to your post. In addition, if you limit visibility to a role today, a participant who is assigned that role in the future will get access to your previous post made visible to the role.
  5. The Host is a special role. Your host can see all communications and their visibility can't be removed.
  6. Your host may configure barriers between roles. Barriers ensure participants with particular roles can't communicate (e.g. due to professional practice rules). A participant may accidentally post to All participants but consent to communicate with one of the participants does not exist. An example would be a legal practitioner communicating with another practitioner's client. Barriers solves this problem by giving the host the ability to exclude communication.
    NOTE: Currently barriers are transparent to the participants - only a host can see the barriers. We plan to expose the barriers in a future release.


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