About Steps

What's a step?

A step is something that gets done in a rundl.

For example, consider a basic "Build a House" service delivered on Rundl. Some simple steps might be:

  1. Lay foundation
  2. Put up walls
  3. Add roof
  4. Add windows and doors  

In custom services (available to Enterprise accounts) steps are configured by a service manager when building the service. Standard accounts can choose from template services with steps already pre-configured.

Each step has a name, description and set of permissions to control who can view or update it in rundls.

Steps in a rundl may have a basic workflow with the following states:

  • Open
  • Active
  • Completed
  • Cancelled

Transitions through these various states allow participants to track how work is progressing. 

Steps without a workflow are called information steps and are used to inform participants only.

Steps may also be assigned a due date. When completing a step it may be assigned an effective completion date.


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